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Fuel Systems

Fuel systems on modern automobiles have come a long way in the last few decades, although the basic principle remains the same. The purpose of the fuel delivery system is to transport gasoline from the fuel tank to the engine where it is consumed to generate power. There are fewer and fewer items in these systems that require maintenance; however, there are still several items on many cars that require periodic cleaning or replacement. These items include fuel filters, fuel pumps and fuel injectors. The fuel filter’s job is to intercept any debris in the fuel supply before it gets to the sensitive fuel injection components in the engine. All gasoline at the pump contains small particles of dirt and impurities from the underground storage tanks at the gas station. Some stations have cleaner gas than others. Over time, the fuel filter picks up enough of this debris that the fuel flow rate suffers. This can put stress on the other components in the system, such as the fuel pump, and can also cause poor vehicle performance. Most fuel filters are relatively inexpensive to change, and some newer vehicles have no external fuel filter to change at all. The fuel pumps on most vehicles require no maintenance, and can last well past 100,000 miles in some cases. Another maintenance item that most manufacturers require is a cleaning the fuel injectors. The fuel injectors are the nozzles that atomize the fuel at the engine to prepare it for combustion. The spray nozzles have tiny holes that are easily plugged by carbon build-up from combustion and debris in fuel. When the injectors are partially plugged, the fine mist of fuel that used to burn easily becomes more of a squirt. This can result in the engine not burning all of the fuel that is injected causing the unburned fuel to be sent out the exhaust system resulting in poor fuel mileage and possible drivability issues. The unburned fuel leaving through the tailpipes can also damage the catalytic converter system, which is an expensive repair. Harris Automotive technicians are trained in servicing fuel injection systems on all makes and models to prevent these problems. A little preventative attention can save you money and problems later. Let us help you to run clean and efficient!