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Brake Fluid

All brake systems on modern automobiles are hydraulic systems. In these systems, the force applied to the brake pedal is transferred through fluid pressure to the calipers that squeeze the brake pads together at the wheels, causing the vehicle to stop. This fluid is mineral-based on most cars, and synthetic on some higher end sports cars. Brake fluids are by nature hydroscopic (they have a tendency to absorb water from the air over time). All manufacturers recommend flushing of the brake fluid system at specified intervals.

There are many rubber seals and components in the brake systems. As water pollutes the brake fluid, it turns darker and it causes rubber parts to swell. This can cause failure of components, as well as dangerous brake fluid leaks and introduction of air into the brake system. Air, unlike brake fluid, can be compressed under pressure. This is why air in the brake system causes a spongy brake pedal feel and reduced stopping ability. This is a serious safety concern.

Harris Automotive technicians are equipped and trained with specialized brake fluid service equipment and can test your brake fluid to determine if it is time for service, offering you peace of mind.